The following documents can be downloaded for your reading. The documents reflect a nice high level orientation to Asset Management. Equipment Reliability and the Relationship to a Nuclear Industry Guideline (INPO AP 913). To be presented at the August 2005 EPRI Conference
1st Approach Asset Management Primer Part 1
This part provides an overview of asset management principles and the underlying concepts employed in management of non-current physical assets. Download FAP_Asset_Management_Primer_Part_1.doc
1st Approach Asset Management Primer Part 2
This Part of the overviews provides guidance on the application of the principles and concepts discussed in the Overview. Download FAP_Asset_Management_Primer_Part_2.doc
Reliability in the Nuclear Industry
This is an abstract of a presentation to be made at the August, 2005 Utility EPRI Conference. Download EPRI_Abstract_Final.doc
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